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Guest Testimonials

"The two best fishing days possibly ever. All dry flies on top to multiple rising fish. Wonderful company, food and wine ...doesn't get much better than this."
Donna & Bob T., Montana

"Nothing compares to the ESO (Eastslope Outfitters) show! We always enjoy the food, fishing and friendship."
Frank & the Spokane Gang

"I have to say I've fished a lot of destinations, but my mind and desire always leads me back to Fort Smith, the Bighorn, and your wonderful hospitality!"
Best Fishes, Amy P., California

"Who needs a second home? Year 15 with you and STILL getting better! "
Duke D., Colorado


"Spectacular, refreshing, beautiful, delicious, restful, perfect, drunken, challenging, sunny, rainy, glorious, festive (of course) and not long enough. While we never stop laughing, this is one seriously perfect place." Fish Festers XXVII, Colorado

"Wow - out did yourselves again. Everything perfect. You've done a great job of training the trout this year. Our 25th year of fishing the Bighorn, glad to spend it with you all."
Tom G., West Virginia


"Best accommodations in Ft. Smith!"
Qu'Ack & Bill, Kentucky


"Thank you for treating us like family. This place rocks, the views rock, the fishing rocks...there are a lot of rocks here! " Chris C., Oklahoma


"Thanks for a great time ... great family time, great fishing time, great river time, great food and some really fine wine. Looking forward to next year!"
Bill & Gin L., Oregon


"Once again, your hospitality and the Hooker House exceed all expectations!" Mary & Tim M., Idaho


"Ample fish, good guides, gourmet meals, much more than our money's worth. Special thanks for the great guiding. It was a joy to expose my son to the sport in your hands (and Dennis's). Hope for many returns to this fine place." John B., West Virginia


"First time here, first time fly fishing. Great time, great fish, great hosts." Mike K., Arizona


"Thanks for a great trip. It's been a wonderful run for us up here for the last 20+ years. See you again next year." Greg S. and the gang, California


"Thanks for a wonderful excuse to flee my smoke-filled valley. This bi-annual trip is the highlight of my grandmother's years! " Alex C., Montana


"You are truly the most gracious people on the planet. Thank you for all that you do to make this a rememberable trip. Jack and I think of this as our second home." Jim & Jack M., Texas


"What a spot - wonderful in so many ways, hospitality, accommodations, people, river and a beautiful setting! Couldn't have asked for more."
Steve & Allison R., Idaho


"The Best Fish Stalker in the business! Always a great number of fish & fun when fishing with you. Until next time," Ron R., Colorado


"We had two wonderful days of duck hunting, with some great fishing thrown in. Gracie and Cada were great dogs, as always. The personal service is superb." Bob T., Montana


"You've got it right! We're so lucky to have found you. Until next time." Nancy L., California


"Great trip duck hunting and fishing were great. Everything put together for the trip was top notch."
Steve S., Montana

"Every day in the field is medicine for the body & soul. I am very pleased with the two great deer I harvested this year. Thanks to you and Ryan S. my hunt was exciting and rewarding. I'm glad I did not settle for the tall 3 point mule deer that I saw no less than 5 times... Thanks for all the extra care and patience before, during and after the hunt."

Randy C., Washington


"Thanks for the excellent care while we were your guests. The fellows rated it right up there with Jack Holman's No Seeum Lodge in Alaska
and thats as good as it gets. Many thanks."

Bill C., Wyoming


"Thank you for a great trip. We caught huge fish all three days. The lodge was perfect in every regard."
Terry D., Idaho

"This is what makes my watch tick. You guys are the best!" Greg G., West Virginia


"A great family reunion ... three sons and five grandsons on the river was a lifetime treat for grandad!" Ron H., California

"Streamers, nymphs and best fishing day in 35 years!" Fletch & Brandon L., California

"Three beautiful days of tricos and hoppers. And dry martinis in the evening. What more could an old gal wish for." Molly P., Montana

" You have created a most wonderful place of contentment and precious solitude."
Gayle & Keith., Idaho

"Thanks for making Cliff's birthday so special. Your service and hospitality is five star."
Brooke & Cliff W., Tennessee

"You delivered in spades again!"

Howell H., Georgia

"You are wonderful people who provide extra special care. I had a great time fishing with you." Pat K., NC

"You are doing everything right! I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend of fishing and will recommend you to everyone." Larry K., Colorado


"The year of the fish! We are so lucky to share this time and place with you. Certainly this year's fishing was one for the books ... 40-fish days, consecutive casts, trichos, nymphs, streamers, it ALL worked - ridiculous.And as always you welcome us and treat us like family."Fish Fest XXVIII, Colorado

"What a spectacular place you have created here!
Your attention to detail in providing for the comforts of your guests goes well beyond. What a place to spends one's 14th anniversary!" 

Ack & Cissie W., Kentucky

"Great food, fishing & fun, plus friendships extended. Thanks for the x-ray trout vision!"

Brian C., Colorado


"A great four days of fishing bliss. Five star food and star-gazing. Sweet accommodations!"

John B., West Virginia

"All I can say is WOW!!! Everything I was told to expect and more. All first class. I feel like I've made some new friends that I'll enjoy for a long time to come. " Gib J., Oklahoma "Mr. Vice President"


"A perfect holiday! How we love the Old Hookers House. ...The best place! The beds were so comfortable. We booked again!"
Golden West Women Fly Fishers, California

"Jim is a first-class outfitter. His guides -- if he isn't guiding you himself --are some of the best in the area: knowledgeable, patient and all-around good people.They are also great teachers; I learn something new on every trip. The accommodations are very comfortable. (After hunting) there is nothing quite like a good meal, hot shower and warm flannel sheets after a long, cold day in the field!" Randy S., California

"As always, a spectacular trip. It's not just the river that makes it, but the gracious hospitality as well.
Can't wait to come back next year and the next."

Jim & Jack M., Texas

"Thank you for showing me a small part of Montana and the Bighorn. Marvelous time. Great food, service, lodging, people. I felt so at home, thank you. The trip of a lifetime." Damon C., Texas


"Thank you for an absolutely great Cast & Blast experience. After 18 years of not doing any hunting or real fishing, I am now motivated to get to a past passion!" Jack B., Tennessee

The food was TOO good! I probably gained 80 billion pounds. See ya next September."

Luke G., West Virginia

"Super time! Thank you so much. The "boys" will be back later this month. Can't wait for the next time!" Carol & Steve K., Washington


"There are all kinds of medicine. Thank you for helping me find my mojo!" Derek S., Nebraska


"You both are great hosts. I felt at home the entire time... if only my house was located next to a prime trout river! The food was magnificent and service spectacular. Can't wait to come back."
Brian B., Oregon


"What a beautiful part of the country you are blessed with. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us. We love the Bighorn!" Kelly C. & Gary P., Montana


"What a wonderful vacation! We're looking forward to next year." F. & J., California


"Thanks again for my Montana Mental Health days. Everyone needs a little dose of Montana every once in a while. This was an especially good dose for me. Pretty soon it will be 3 generations of our family here. Until then, rod tip up, flies clean and cast straight & long." David C., Jr., California


"We had a great time AGAIN. Food and hospitality are wonderful, and if you are into varmint shooting, I can't think of a better place."Bob & Woody, California and Montana


"Coming from a 15 year veteran of cast'n'blast trips to the Bighorn, I must tell you that this one with you all was the most comfortable. Pure joy! Everything we wanted from a new outfitter came through."

Ack W., Kentucky


"We decided on the way home that this was probably the best trip ever. We have been on quite a few trips, too! We have been hoping to get a chance to hunt wild birds over challenging terrain ever since we got the upland bug a few years ago. It was a great time."

Rusty H., Georgia

"We had a great time. I really appreciate the way you worked for this hunt, both in the set-up and in tracking. All the meat made it back fine and it tastes great...I've decided that we'll have to come back for a bird hunt!" Richard & Deborah H., New Mexico

"Three great days to remember on the 'Horn.' The fishing, food, conversaton, hospitality and interior decor were all fantastic." Gary S., California

"Another fantastic weekend! Great fishing, great food, wonderful comraderie. Can't wait to come back."

Steve O., California

"You just keep making it better. Don't see how that's possible but it is. Thanks & see you next year."

Calder M., Washington


"The advance notice from the boys didn't compare to the actual experience! Your hospitality & accommodations were superb. Jim, your patience and care dealing with this novice fisherman was incredible." Tom R., California

"Each year is better than before. This is a special place and you guys are very special people."

Al C., California


"You have made our trip the very best ever. Thank you for all the special treatment." Tip K., Kentucky


"I want to thank you for the excellent turkey hunt – it could not have been better.  The scenery was beautiful and there was plenty of deer, antelope, birds and prairie dogs.  This was by far the best turkey hunt I have had. What made it so good was not just the hunting of and shooting two nice toms, but the extras, sightseeing, and prairie dog hunting. On all the other out-of-state guided turkey hunts I have been on, you shoot your turkeys and that is it, you go back to the lodge and sit around and read a book, or go home early.  That is not the case with Jim’s hunts.  He showed me much of the landscape on the back roads of eastern Montana, met some interesting folks and shot a lot of .17 HMR cartridges at prairie dogs. These was no spare time to sit around reading books-we were on the go constantly.  I sure got my money’s worth.  I hope to hunt with you folks again."
Garry H., Massachusetts


"...The food, the fish, the fellowship were all unforgettable. Many thanks."
Ed, John, John Jr., Steve, Steve Jr. & Clague, Minnesota/Nebraska

"Thank you for another wonderful Bighorn River adventure! We look forward to another next August. "Pete & David W., Ohio

"Having finished our 21st year together on the Bighorn, I am proud of the accomplishments you have achieved. Next year I hope to return with my grandson... we'll make him a fly fisherman as well."
Stormin "the Legend" Norman, Ohio


"Thanks for such a great four days. The facilities, food, service and fishing were fantastic."

Steve H., Arizona

"We both want to thank you for making our first fly fishing experience simply the best!!! Everything from “soup to nuts” was taken care of with such attention to detail. You paired us with very (very, very) patient and experienced guides who knew exactly where the fish were and what they were biting! Our accommodations at Old Hookers Guest House were wonderful and very well appointed. And the scrumptious dinners were totally out of this world! We still haven’t stopped talking about our Montana vacation and plan to make it a yearly adventure." Richard & Susan S., Florida

"I have hunted with Jim and Joyce many times since 1995 including this past year. They have great areas to hunt for mulies, whitetail and other species. I would have to say that my favorite thing about hunting with them is the hunt itself. It is extremely fair chase since the boundaries are the endless for the area that these animals can you never know what you might run into. I hunt Texas alot, and went there after my trip to Montana with Jim, and I felt like I was shooting deer in Texas instead of hunting."
Jack H., Tennessee


"I didn't think it could get better, but it has. Everything has been great. My friends were amazed about 'the Horn.' Be back next year."
Jim K., California

"Rippin' world-class fishing...AGAIN! Year 12 -- how long can this go on?" Duke D. (Boulder Boys), Colorado

"Great Fishing. Great Guides. Great Food. Great Beds. Great Staff. Did good on the weather too." Ed T., Ohio

"This has been one of the most wonderful vacations ever! Stretch is a master and an artist, and I will be back." Burton P., California

"A trip planned for a close friend became my trip of a lifetime...hopefully to be repeated many times. Jim/Stretch is a superb host and guide."
Tom M., Arizona

"Few things are perfect in life - this experience qualifies in every aspect! Thanks, we'll be back."

Marcus S., Colorado

"Just wanted to let you know about the fantastic time we all had this year up on the Bighorn. Great fishing and outstanding hospitality."
Dave K., California


"What a fantastic weekend at your guest house!
We can't thank you enough for your kindness & hospitality. Best of all, it gave us a reason to get the entire family together, something that doesn't happen nearly enough." Katy, Fred & Family, Oregon


"Fabulous time, great friends, great hospitality, superb hunting. The food was to die for." Dave C., Colorado


"This may be the best place we have been, because of the people." David S., North Carolina


"Always has been and hope that it always will. The food was exquisite and the company superb. See you again next year." Ed C. & John H., Arizona


"Thank you for a wonderful time. You are perfect host and hostess and I look forward to repeating this enjoyable experience." Ira H., New York

"I cannot say enough good about Jim, his accommodations, his love of the outdoors,
his scouting, his equipment and his hospitality. He runs a first class outfit." Pat M., Kentucky

"Many thanks and much appreciation for your strong commitment to our hunt.I never saw either the antelope doe or the buck's horns. When they got up, you told me which was the buck, and I with a single shot at 200 plus yards, dropped it. (267 yards actual). A team effort with great results. Deer scenerio was even better. You knew the area and the habits of the deer. It was a great experience." Les. T. Sr., California


"Limit of ducks. Excellent dinners. Great rest and relaxation all nights. We'll be back."

John & Chuck Y., Idaho

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