Montana Hunting

Eastslope Outfitters
can give you guided access to thousands of acres
of private hunting land in southeast Montana...

We offer Montana hunting properties
on private ranch & farm land
within an hour’s drive of Billings, Montana.

Game-rich habitat includes:
Sagebrush, prairie grasses, pine ridges,
sandstone buttes and coulees, heavily timbered river bottoms,
and cropland that is rich in
alfalfa, corn, sugarbeets and spring grains.

Deer Hunting

Whitetail Deer
In Montana, we call them “Ghosts of the Yellowstone” ...
big, stealthy Whitetail that glide through the heavy timber and undergrowth of the Yellowstone River valley.
Majestic genetics and rich habitat continue to produce quality animals here, year after year.
To preserve this resource, we limit hunters on these properties.
Our whitetail property on the Yellowstone River is located about ten miles north
of the rural town of Custer in southeast Montana.
The Yellowstone River bottom is thick with willows, wild roses and towering Cottonwood trees.
We provide safe, comfortable, high-quality tree stands with shooting rails.

Mule Deer
If you like the challenge of tracking and bagging mule deer, we have thousands of acres
of diverse habitat -- everything from rugged rangeland to crop land to piney ridges to sweet river bottoms.
These hunts are not for the faint of heart -- bring good walking boots and
your hunting smarts, because there’s a lot of country to cover and miles of memories to make.

BONUS OPTION ~ Upland Bird & Waterfowl Hunting
All our package deer hunts include the bonus option of guided hunting for doe, OR for other species if you bag your deer early,
including pheasant, upland birds, Canada geese, ducks, wild turkey or prairie dogs, as conditions allow.
This bonus is no extra charge; however you must provide your own guns, ammo and licenses.
With prior arrangement, a flyfishing day excursion to the Bighorn River is an option for two or more.

Lodging and meals are provided as part of your package price.
Game cleaning/processing/shipping are not.
For info, scroll down this page.

The deadline for non-resident Montana license application is March 15.
Non-resident deer tags are drawn by a lottery system. License information
can be obtained online at (then Click Buy Licenses Online).
Ask us about landowner sponsored license options.


Montana antelope are wiley creatures.
Our methods for hunting them may include spot and stalk, decoy, or waterhole blind hunt,
depending on the situation any given day (weather, feeding habits, time of hunt, etc.).
Included in antelope hunting rates is the bonus option of pheasants, upland, waterfowl, predator, or prairie dog
at no extra charge (as circumstances & seasons allow) if you bag your
deer early in your trip. You must provide your own guns, ammo and licenses.

For rates and lodging info, scroll down this page.

In order to hunt Antelope in Montana, you will need to apply for (and be drawn for) an Antelope tag.
The deadline for application is June 1.
Antelope hunters are drawn by a lottery system.
Archer applicants must have proof of bow-hunter certification
or previous archery license from Montana or other states.
For more information, visit online http:// (then Click Buy Licenses Online).

Game cleaning/processing/shipping is at hunter's cost.
We use and recommend 4th Avenue Meats in Billings, but you are welcome to choose your own processor.
Updated processing fee chart will be available at camp. Shipping and rush orders will be extra.
You will be charged the same processing fees if you leave or donate your animal to the food bank.

Ducks & Geese

Eastslope Outfitters was honored
to be selected as one of two Montana outfitters for the book
North America's Greatest Waterfowl Lodges & Outfitters
(Author Chuck Petrie)

The Yellowstone River in southeast Montana is the major resting
area in the central flyway for more than 100,000 migratory birds, with 70 miles
of protected water not far from the private lands leased for hunting by Eastslope Outfitters.

We can offer exclusive hunting for ducks and geese on numerous
private fields, where birds are less wary... an excellent opportunity to hunt
your limit of ducks and gesse with time leftover to photograph or video these magnificent migrations
to share with family and friends back home.

During the Fall migration, big northern Mallards flock into the Yellowstone River, and Greenheads
work the corn like “Migs,” providing plenty of action to go along with the geese.
We use various methods and concealment tactics. My favorite is the layout coffin blind;
its portability lets us travel to where the geese are feeding. Each Fall we dig some "stadium style seating" pit blinds.
These are big and roomy. With some smaller fields we will utilize cross ditches, fence lines and berms.

The weather can be unpredictable, anything from Indian Summer to winter squalls.
Generally, the colder the weather in Canada, the better and earlier the migration of birds
south through Montana flyways. Providing the Yellowstone River remains open, as is typically does,
honker hunting in our nearby fields can be excellent until the season closes in mid-January.

For rates and lodging info, scroll down this page.

You’ll need a valid Montana Waterfowl license, as well as a Conservation License.
Both may be purchased locally or online in advance at (then click Buy Licenses Online).
You’ll also need a Federal Migratory Bird Stamp, available at any U.S. Post Office.

Extreme Goose Hunting
LATE SEASON: No Wimps Allowed
Ever hunted geese in January? It ain't for the faint of heart.
Although late season weather can be balmy, there's a good chance for extreme temperatures in eastern Montana.
And an even better chance for extreme hunting, as the skies fill with thousands of Canada geese.
More and more clients are choosing late-season dates, as they realize this is not exactly a lawn chair shoot.

In Montana, we believe there's no such thing as "bad weather," just the wrong clothes.
Bring your winter camo, insulated clothes and plenty of warmers (hand,feet, even body if necessary), and Extreme Hunting
in January is an experience you won't forget.

Pheasant & Upland Birds

Picture it: a crisp Fall day in Southeast Montana,
with the air fresh, the colors glorious and the brush-filled draws exploding
beneath you as the dogs flush out pheasant, sharptail grouse and Hungarian partridge.
Bring good walking boots, as some days we’ll cover a lot of ground.
Most clients prefer their lighter 20-gauge shotguns for fast action.

Eastslope Outfitters or our guides will provide flushing and retrieving dogs.
Clients are welcome to bring their own trained hunting dogs.
Outdoor kennels are available at no charge with reservation.
In some cases, we allow clients to keep well-behaved dogs inside the house (prior approval required),
with the understanding a cleaning/damage fee may be charged should the need occur.

Early September dove wing-shooting is fast and furious, with Montana grain fields home to
thousands of doves each year. Bring plenty of ammo, as they are quick!

For rates and lodging info, scroll down this page.

Licenses may be purchased locally or online in advance
at Click Buy Licenses Online).

Wild Turkey

We have a nice population of Merriam's Turkeys on our hunting lands.
We limit our turkey hunts each year to protect the resource.
For rates and lodging info, scroll down this page.

Licenses may be purchased locally or online in advance
at Click Buy Licenses Online).

Cast ‘n Blast

Want it all? Eastslope Outfitters can customize your trip
to include both fishing and hunting. Cast ‘n Blast trips in the Fall include
Bighorn River trout fishing with pheasant, upland bird, waterfowl or
turkey hunting in the Yellowstone and Bighorn River valleys.
Cash ‘n Blast trips in the Spring include fishing with Wild Turkey shoots.
Varmit shooting (prairie dogs) is also an option.
Lodging and meals included.
For rates and lodging info, scroll down this page.

Varmints ~ Prairie Dogs

We offer optional prairie dog hunting at no extra charge to guests booking trips
at our Yellowstone valley location (Whitetail Camp).
You'll find thousands of dogs in towns on our private ranch leases.
Expect to shoot hundreds of rounds per day; bring multiple guns.
On larger towns, expect 100 to 400 yard shooting. Recommended caliber starting at .17HMR,
ranging to larger caliber rifles for longer distance and windy days.
We also have towns suitable for shorter distance/small-caliber shooting (.22 LR or .17HMR).

Game Processing
Game cleaning, processing and shipping is at hunter's cost & preference.
We personally use and recommend 4th Avenue Meats in Billings.
They vacuum pack all your cuts. Award-winning sausages & specialty items.
You are, of course, welcome to use any game processor of your choosing.
Updated processing fee chart will be available at camp. Shipping and rush orders will be extra.
You will be charged the same processing fees if you leave or donate your animal to the food bank.

Lodging & Meals

Lodging and meals are provided as part of your hunt package price.
Our primary hunting camp -- Whitetail Camp -- is located in the Yellowstone River valley, about an hour's drive east of Billings.
For Cast'n'Blast packages (hunting/fishing combo), or for hunters whose primary desire is to duck-hunting on the Bighorn River,
we offer our guest lodge -- Old Hookers Guest House -- at the Bighorn River in Fort Smith.
Click on the above links for more information.

2014 Hunting Rates

Year-Round Cell: 406-670-8998
Billings Residence (Nov - March) 406-254-6565
Fort Smith Residence (April - Oct) 406-666-2320

50% deposit at time of booking
Cancellation 60 days prior to start date: deposit will be refunded less 10% of total fee.
All cancellations within 60 days may forfeit deposit.

What To Bring

Suggestions on what to bring include:
• Hunting Licenses
Remember, if you'll be hunting waterfowl, bring a Federal Waterfowl Stamp - get at your any U.S. post office
• Guns & Ammo
• Layered clothing (call for updated forecast) or google National Weather Service for zipcode 59038 (Hysham) or 59035 (Ft. Smith)
• Season appropriate camo (call for recommendation; remember white for late-season goose)
• Waterproof boots / coat / headgear
• Tall rubber boots for water crossings (big game)
• Binoculars
• Day pack or fanny pack
• Personal items
• House slippers for relaxing on chilly evenings after the boots come off
• Camera
• Day snacks
• Sunscreen & lip balm (all season)
• Bug repellent
• Cell phone or smart phone, if you have one - we have cell service at Whitetail Camp, but no landline phone or WiFi
FYI: cast'n'blasters staying at our camp at the Bighorn (Old Hookers House) there is no cell service in Ft. Smith
but we do have a landline and WiFi there
• Snacks
• Alcohol, wine or beer of your choice for after the hunt.

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